Jordan is a 26 year old Los Angeles native that has been battling Lupus for 20+ years. She has gone through all of the trials and tribulations of dealing with a disease financially, emotionally and physically. 2 years ago she came up with the idea of We Are Immune. She was inspired after being denied treatment for Chemotherapy from her insurance provider. They told her she had to pay out of pocket  but because of her financial disposition she could not. The denial of treatment resulted in her having one of the worst Lupus flares in her life.

Her journey has motivated her to create a safe place for people with Autoimmune diseases to come together and live long happy lives!




Amber had a life changing experience. She spent 2+ years being misdiagnosed with numerous trips to the emergency room. Her experience escalated one day when she had to be rushed to the ER. She lost her ability to walk and her blood pressure dropped to severely low levels.

After her diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and experiencing poor treatment in the hospital she decided she wanted to make a difference. She studied and researched her condition. She wanted to learn about the possibilities of a more Holistic approach to living comfortably with an Autoimmune  disease. Through her findings and research she discovered that life with an Autoimmune disease can still have quality and value.

 Amber is currently living her life with Multiple Sclerosis 100 % Holistic. Her passion is to share her story and empower people with Autoimmune diseases while encouraging a healthy and happy life for everyone.